Terms & Conditions

The ‘Hirer’ refers to any individual person, or persons, business, companies, group and or organisations, hiring from Bounce 2 The Stars. 

Any ‘Hirer’ or person held responsible for the hire of the bouncy castle(s) must be aged 18+. No persons under the age of 18 may sign the Hire agreement with Bounce 2 The Stars. 

All property and items of Bounce 2 The Stars that are delivered to the Hirer or picked up by the Hirer remain the responsibility of the Hirer from the time of collection or “setup” until the time of the delivery or collection by a representative of Bounce 2 The Stars. Castles that are required to be delivered and set up by Bounce 2 The Stars remain the responsibility of the Hirer from the “setup” until an agent from Bounce 2 The Stars returns to disassemble the castle. 

The Hirer is responsible for the insurance of all provided equipment under their responsibility of the hire for the entire period of the hire. This includes any instances where the Hirer transports to and from the premises of Bounce 2 The Stars. 

The castle hire period commences at the time shown at the hire agreement and is terminated at the time stated on the hire agreement. 

If a hire is considered dangerous in any way, Bounce 2 The Stars reserves the right to cancel any hire. Bounce 2 The Stars will not be liable for any sought damages if the cancelled hire impacts your event if the event, location, or conditions are deemed unsafe for a castle or in any way going to jeopardise safety.

A refundable bond is required to be paid for all equipment hire and will be refunded if the equipment is returned in good and working condition. If the equipment is returned unreasonably unclean, with missing hire items or with damage or stains, the bond will be retained by Bounce 2 The Stars. 

All equipment must be returned complete, dry, clean, undamaged and in full working condition as received. If returned wet, a drying charge will apply if this was done purposely, i.e. not weather-related. If returned dirty, i.e., food or drink spillages, stains, face paint, glitter, excessive dirt or sand etc., a cleaning fee will be applied—$ 25 per hour.

The equipment shall not be moved from the site upon which it was delivered and set up without the written authority of Bounce 2 The Stars. 

The Hirer authorises a representative of Bounce 2 The Stars to bring their vehicle and equipment on to the Hirer’s property to deliver and recover the equipment.

Bounce 2 The Stars accepts no liability for any sought claims in regards to any injury to persons or damage to property arising out of the use of the bouncy castle, however caused. The Hirer will be responsible/liable for any and all damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. This includes any consequential damage, loss or injury, whether physical and/or financial.

On the day of delivery, the Hirer shall be present at the delivery address to acknowledge receipt of the equipment hired. The Hirer is responsible for checking the equipment upon pick up or delivery. Bounce 2 The Stars cannot accept responsibility for shortages or claims after the customer takes possession of the hire equipment. 

The Hirer shall be liable for any costs or penalties due to the equipment creating any obstruction, including without limitation any local authority fines, towage costs, seizure or impoundment costs during the hire period.

In the event of loss of the equipment/bouncy castle, the Hirer shall reimburse Bounce 2 The Stars the monetary sum equivalent to the cost of replacing the lost equipment.

In the event of Bounce 2 The StarsBouncy Castles Ltd being unable to retrieve its equipment from the Hirer at the conclusion of the hire, or if the Hirer does not return the equipment at the designated return time, then costs for additional hours will be calculated and added.

Overnight fees will be charged. 

The hired equipment, under no circumstances, may not be loaned, sublet or rented to any other person/organisation and may not be utilised for financial gain. You may not charge people to access the hired equipment. 

The hired equipment does not advertise itself to be new stock or equal to new, but when sent out to the Hirer, all items are understood to be in good working condition and fit for normal use.


The Hirer must agree to the following when using Bounce 2 The Stars equipment: 

  • No pets or animals of any kind are allowed on the castle or equipment.
  • No adults or anyone over the age of 12 are to use the castles. 
  • No one is to approach or get on the castle during inflation or deflation. This is very dangerous. 
  • No children are to play near the electric blower or power leads at the side/rear of the inflatable equipment.
  • Use of the bouncy castles is restricted to children only below the age specified in our hire agreement.
  • Adult supervision is to be provided at all times while the inflatable is being used.
  • There is to be no climbing on the mesh or over sidewalls for your own safety.
  • There is to be no smoking on or near the inflatable.
  • There are no barbeques positioned near the inflatable.
  • The castle is not to be overcrowded, and limit numbers according to sensible ages and sizes of the children to avoid injury for smaller children.
  • There should be no more than eight children at any one time on a castle.
  • That there is a flat, dry and easily accessible site ready for “set up” on the arrival of the equipment with a power socket within 25 metres distance of the setup site. Only one power lead will be used, supplied by Bounce 2 The Stars. If heavy items are expected to be lifted up stairs or over fences, we may cancel the hire at our discretion. Discuss this at the time of signing the hire agreement.
  • If items are required to be carried upstairs, additional appropriate people must be made available by the Hirer to assist the Bounce 2 The Stars agent to move the equipment to the location required.
  • Generators may be used at unpowered sites. The Hirer is responsible for supplying a generator as Bounce 2 The Stars does not provide these.
  • No shoes are to be worn on the inflatable.
  • No food or drink is to be consumed on the inflatable to avoid the risk of choking.
  • No sharp objects are to be worn or used near the inflatable.
  • The safety mat (if provided) is returned clean.
  • The Hirer must obtain any permits and show proof of said permits that may be required to operate the equipment and hereby indemnify Bounce 2 The Stars from any penalties or other obligations incurred due to the Hirer’s failure to obtain or comply with any such permit.
  • In the event of the blower suddenly not working, ensure all users get off the castle immediately. Refer to the instructions to safely reset the blower, and check that all the pieces of equipment have not come undone, been removed, or otherwise tampered with before resuming use. 
  • If the blower stops, and you can not rectify the situation, you must contact Bounce 2 The Stars to inform them. 
  • Silly string, poppers or streamer type products must be kept away from the inflatable as they stain the vinyl materials. 
  • Face paint must be kept away from the inflatable as it stains the vinyl materials.
  • In the event that any damage comes to the equipment, the Hirer must 1. Immediately notify Bounce 2 The Stars by phone provided on the hire agreement. 2. Return the equipment or make arrangements for it to be collected. 3. Not attempt to repair the damage in any way. 4. Be liable to Bounce 2 The Stars for the sum equivalent to the cost of fixing the damage by our designated repair expert or for replacing the equipment in the event that repairing is not an option.  
  • If the castle is not being used for part of the day, please switch off the blower at the mains.


It is the policy of Bounce 2 The Stars to collect payment at the time the hire begins, upon delivery, or pre-deposited into our bank account. Where payment is not made upon delivery and no other arrangements have been made, we will not inflate the castle and return it to our place of business. If a payment should not clear, you give us permission to list your details with the Credit Bureau and hand the matter over for collection to Debt Collectors. All additional collection fees and solicitor fees will be at your own cost.

If we arrive at your venue to deliver and you cancel, or the environment is deemed unsafe or unsuitable for a castle to be set up on, the full amount of the invoice is payable.

Weekdays bookings need to be confirmed by 7 am of the day of the function. If you go ahead with the booking and the weather changes during the day and you or us deem it unsuitable to put up the Bouncy Castles, you will be liable for the full invoiced amount as the drivers need to take time off work to deliver the castle.

  • Cancellation on the day is full cost.
  • 50% deposit for cancellation the day before.
  • 48 hours notice needs to be given for a full refund.


If it is raining on the morning of that day and the Metservice is stating that it will rain all day, and you wish to postpone or cancel – we ask that you let us know by calling before 8 am. For safety reasons, we cannot allow a hire to proceed if there are high winds or heavy rain on the day. 

Please note that castle prices, delivery costs and availability are subject to change without notice. Although we try to assure accuracy, Bounce 2 The Stars cannot be responsible for typographical or photo error on our website or any other publication.

The Bounce 2 The Stars website implements web analytics by Google and Facebook. All users of the Bounce 2 The Stars website, therefore, are subject to their relevant privacy terms and conditions.

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